Friday, June 15, 2007

IT real estate for everyone in future ?


Recently, i have come across with one of the interesting articles posted by "Winger, Alan", a Ph.D. and freelance writer,who revealed how the rapidly changing information technology has changed the role of real estate in future.1 Although the number on such change was small in relation to population of home owners, this real estate's trend shall be moving upward gradually if the digital technology does put a significant impact on communication.

The followings are some recent developments that have changed the role of home, and they has been highlighted in the article on this issue:-

i) Spread over social life

No doubt that the World Wide Web has brought conveniences for peoples to communicate with the world. This can be proven by rising popularity of social sites such as "Friendsten", "You Tube", "Blogger" and others. The writer argued that the outcome of changing information technology has opened up possibilities had people moving into a more "Nomadic lifestyle". 2This movement will lead to dispersion where peoples tend to buy real estate with different locations. But, given the family budget for most, space for each of the homes will be smaller.

ii) Working from home

From business point of view, the cutting edge of digital information has also influenced significantly ways of collecting and delivering information. This has provided an opportunity for companies to reduce costs via downsizing the organisation. One of the ways which is currently being pursued by global corporations is to hire employees under contract basis. It is believed that, with the integration of high speed communication, corporate will most likely to take this measure to next level by massively employing E-lancers. The benefits of it , is not just cutting down staff related costs, but also able to obtain optimum results as the task is done by people who has that specific expertise.

iii) Schooling at home

It has also been highlighted that three main reasons for Homeschooling number to be rising. The number one reason is parent has strong belief that they will do better job than what is being taught in the school. Secondly, they think that the school curriculum fails to provide aspects of their religion aimed at providing instruction in the value. Lastly, poor environment in the institutional school system.3 I do believe that schooling is not just receiving knowledge and giving your thoughts when asking, but also to learn how to interact with different level of peoples where i find that face-to- face communication will be essential. Nevertheless, the writer has made the strong points as what we have seen from incident that had happened at "Virginia Tech" recently.


From these developments , we have gotten an idea that homes in future will be widely spread over the world a a result of the social relationship developed via Internet. Most importantly, the integration of IT feasibility on housing development. Some of the savvy developers have foreseen such changes and come out with housing projects which suit to those demands. Some of the instances are the introduction of condominium with time-share arrangement and home which offers wireless broadband.


1. article written by "Winger, Alan" under the title of "I s the role of the Home Changing?" which posted in

2. See for example Makimoto, T, and Manners, D(1997) The Digital Nomad. New York; John Wiley and Sons.


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