Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Successful real estate agent-Closing is what counts


You might have indifferent experience with other real estate agents when comes to the month that the sales did not hit the number. How does Cindy do it easily stay on top of the best real estate agents ? Is she smarter or good in networking or even luckier than others ? After long hours of working and communication, it didn't seem to help for closing more real estate's sales? What has gone wrong? etc ....so many questions that go around your mind. Let take a look what can be done.

Rule no. 1 to real estate agent -Results, results and results

Real estate agent must remember that bottom line comes first when they are doing their jobs. So, when they are dealing with home buyers, they shall find ways to gain greatest results. Otherwise, real estate agents may find depressing to have chat with their boss every month end.

Rule no.2 to real estate agent -Know your customers

Do communicate with your customers frequently via e-mail or normal mails. From that, real estate agent can work on the relationship with home buyers and sellers, but, it needs to be taken gradually rather than aggressively. Real esate agents are also urged to log into the website regularly to learn about the listing, hence, learning about the potential customers. At the same time, it will keep agents current on what real estate market's trend likes.

Rule no.3 to real estate agent -Know your service offerings

Study what are the main selling points of your real estate listings and learn what makes the home buyers to move into sales agreement with you. By knowing what you can offer and what they need, real estate agent would present a confident and knowledgeable image therefore will gain trust from their clients.

Rule no. 4 to real estate agent- Deliver the goods

A real estate's sale is only completed if the value of service was delivered. It comes under the education, not merely hitting the numbers. The values of delivering what has promised, completed on time and followed up whatever that necessary.

Rule no. 5 to real estate agent - Handling objections

The most common reasons will be no time to meet up, insufficient funds, no interest in the service and etc. When real estate agents confronted such situation, they shall take initiative to educate the home buyers or sellers how important is it to have services from agents who can save up their times and money.

Rule no. 6 to real estate agent - Time Management

Plan your schedule a week or at least a month ahead. So, real estate agent may have time to carry out the assignments and knew the results before time. List down every appointments that you will be done on the day and also find sometime to generate new leads(i.e distributing flyers , publishing service info on the website and etc). When come to dealing with corporate, real estate agent should look for decision makers instead of respective personnel. This is to ensure that agents will save up some precious time on communicating the message to right person. In addition, agents are advised to develop mid and long term schedule, so, it will waste no time and increase productivity as well as pressure on workloads.

Final rule to real estate agent - Closing a deal

At the end of the day, if the real estate's deal was not closed, whatever had been done will be all down to the drain. Real estate agent must know that their commissions are based on the results. Thus, closing a deal is what counts.


Real Estate Coach said...

Excellent post Xander~

Closing is what counts and there's no second place in this tough business.

Greenleaf said...

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MyProperty said...

Thanks for your comment -"real estate coach".

It is true. Bottom line will always come first if you are results oriented.