Monday, September 24, 2007

Successful real estate agent - Networking for sales



To me, the essence of art of negotiation is to bring compromise to a real estate’s transaction. Thereafter, the deal shall be closed as both parties have accomplished what they wanted. Networking shall be seen as connectivity to extensive channels that lead you to more prospects. Once the connections are made up, real estate agent will be expecting, not just potential leads but reliable one that keeps good business relationship and even delivering best referrals. Here are some of the guidelines for great networking:-

i) Create credibility

- It begins by building up a credible reputation. Real estate agents have to show professionalism in the eye of home buyers or sellers. They will say what can be done, do what have promised and follow up whatever is necessary. If the agents approach the conversation with the intention of getting profit out of it, home buyers or seller are reluctant to do business with them. Concern for finding best deal must be shown by agents in order to gain trustworthy, and belief that they work towards the interest of home buyers or sellers.

ii) Listening

Do listen carefully on what home buyers or sellers have to say , i.e: what their likes and dislike , where is the preferable location, what is the purpose of having the real estate property and etc. These information will be very useful when comes to the selection of property that suits their requirement. During the conversation, agents must have in mind that they joined for sharing information, and not to persuade listeners what properties that best for them.

iii) Follow up

Once good rapport is established and both parties have exchanged contacts, this is the time where real estate agent will follow up closely and gradually. With the information that was picked up from the last meeting, real estate agent easily can open up a topic during the first follow-up call. Potential home buyers or sellers would be stunned if every single queries were able to recall, and provided with remedies.

Having said the general approach to establish good networking, i will lead you through the different networking methods where you can gather more quality prospects and they are as follow:-

a) Lunch or Dinner meeting

-A very good example where real estate agents can gather prospects in one specific place and share their ideas about the needs of real estate. This also further enhances the relationship as home buyers or sellers squeeze themselves into agents’ circle. Hence, thinking of agents when they get involve into real estate’s transaction.

b) Forum or Seminar for real estate’s discussion

-I think this shall be effective from normal gatherings where home buyers or sellers feel educated and gain something valuable out of the meeting. At the same time, real estate agent may have opportunity to meet fresh prospects who come for the seminar.

c) An Award night

-Make it to be enjoyable ,and contacts who have contributed much during the past year shall be rewarded with recognizable awards. Real estate agent might have include some potential home buyers in the guess list.

d) Publicity

- Use the opportunity of the seminar mentioned above, speak up and introduce yourself to the crowd. Write some knowledgeable articles to be published on the newsletter, so, your name are exposed to readers every weeks. In addition, agents can create some interesting flyers and distribute to public.


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